Monday, March 17, 2008

Jews Never Lived in Palestine (BTW, they're not Human either)

That, at least, is the upshot of one of the most vocal group of useful idiots, Rabbis for Human Rights. I heard about their latest escapade on the radio and in the Post (and found it further described by Jameel).

Basically, the Israeli Post-Jewish Left and the Palestinians are trying to stop archaeological excavations near Silwan in order to prevent the unearthing of finds that will further establish the
fact of Jewish residence in both First and Second Temple Jerusalem. This, of course, would wreak havoc with their 'narrative' that there were no Jews and, a fortiori, none in Jerusalem.

The problem is that the Silwan/City of David excavations have provided a treasure trove of hard proof of Jerusalem's service as the Jewish capital. The most recent finds are two buldings: one may well be David's palace (controverting Israel Finkelstein's minimalist theories). The other looks to be the palace of Queen Helene of Adiabene, who donated a golden comb to the Temple the Arabs say never existed.

Enter the Rabbis for Human Rights, whose chief Arik Ascherman (who's a Jewish illiterate but knows how to attack anything that smell of Jewish national self-determination).

Israeli police last Thursday arrested the leader of the radical left-wing organization Rabbis for Human Rights after he encouraged Arab demonstrators in a Jerusalem neighborhood to violently oppose the authorities.

The incident took place during a routine protest by Arabs and left-wing Israeli Jews against archeological excavations in the mixed Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, which is situated directly over King David's ancient capital.

Finds at the site have already shed an enormous amount of light on the biblical Israeli kingdom that once dominated the region, and those opposed Israel's full restoration fear further such discoveries will only solidify Jewish historical claims to the city. Thursday's scuffle including a large number of local Arabs opposed by local Jews and right-leaning Israelis supportive of the excavations. When police tried to intervene, Ha'aretz reported that Rabbi Arik Ascherman, executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights, incited the gathered Arabs to resist. Ascherman also reportedly tried to prevent the evacuation of a right-wing Israeli wounded during the confrontation. When asked by police to stay away from Silwan for 15 days to allow a proper investigation of the events, Ascherman refused and was taken into custody.

There is, however, more. Not only do Ascherman and company fight to prevent solodifying Jewish claims to Jerusalem, they implicitly deny our humanity. How, you may well ask?

It's really quite simple. They claim to fight for human rights. On their website they invite people to join them to 'promote justice and freedom, campaign against discrimination and inhumane conduct and defend human rights and personal property.' However, the amount of concern they exhibit toward Jews and their rights is practically non-existent. When I searched for Merkaz HaRav. I got nothing. When I searched for Sederot, I got no results. When I searched for 'Kassam' I got three hits. On three occasions in the past four years, as rockets have rained down on the Negev, the 'Rabbis' for Human Rights have only weighed in on the subject three times. On each of these occasasions, they have carefully 'balanced' the wanton targeting of Jewish civilians with Israeli retaliation agains terrorists who hide behind women and children. On the other hand, they have protested Israeli treatment of Arabs on thousands of occasions.

The only conclusion I can reach is that Jews are not human. At least not for the RHR. They really ought to come clean and call themselves the Rabbis for Palestinian Rights (to all of Palestine).

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YMedad said...

How right (sorry for that pun) you are. Already at the end of the 1980s, I raised the same basic point with B'tselem which refers to itself as "The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories". Since their definition of the territory of the Jewish national homeland not yet under Jewish/Israeli sovereignty also refers to my home in Shiloh, I would think that my human rights, and those of my family and neighbors and friend and blog buddies, would also be protected. I can recall less than a dozen times that the group felt pressured enough to mention Arab terror against Jews but never in the framework of a campaign. Ach, der bridder yidden.