Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Money for Migun

We recently purchased a new (used) car. Seeing how things are rapidly deteriorating, I started the process of installing rock-resistant plastic windows therein. These windows, which my own personal experience in the Oslo War (aka Intifadat Al-Aqsa) proved to be life-savers, are paid for by the government. (With a 49% tax rate, one should hope so).

Anyway, yesterday I called to schedule an appointment to install the windows and was told that there was no more budget for the windows and that I'd have to scramble to get an authorisation.
The guy I called for the latter told me not to worry and to just get the papers ready. Meanwhile, it emerges that quite a few people are worried about this. One local citizen elicited the following information that she posted on the town listserve.

I called misrad habitachon and this morning they called back and I spoke to a very pleasant man who explained that misrad habitachon just covers half of the budget - the rest of it comes from misrad haotzar. The amount that misrad habitachon put in is the same as every year but misrad haotzar hasn't come through yet and they're fighting with them about it. At this point the budget of 2007 has been used up and that is why there are no ishurim for those wanting to do migun now.

So, there's money for everything under the sun except for protecting people's lives.
Oh, I forgot.
Settlers aren't people.

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