Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Yom Yerushalayim!

I already expressed with what feelings I will travel tonight and tomorrow to the Holy City, the place which the lord, our God, has chosen.

To President Obama, who wishes to rip out the heart of the Jewish People, in order to sacrifice it on the altar of the Jihadi Molech: I offer the heart-felt and on-target words of Israel Harel.

חג שמח

[Note: I've removed my intemperate remarks about MJ Rosenberg. My sentiments haven't changed, only the way I want to express them.]


Anonymous said...

violence aside, i am with the hareidim on this one.
1. have you ridden on a jerusalem bus in hareidi neighborhoods lately? as it is, there is soft segretation on the buses. women will not sit next to [unrelated] men, nor men next to [unrelated] women. i imagine most have never heard of rmf's psak, nor would they really care. this is just how they do things. [think jacob katz --> haym s.] i do not think they do this out of a sense of fear, just out of a sense of propriety, one that you or i may not share.
2. separate bus seating is what they want, and egged has not complied. egged has also disallowed hareidim private bus lines. basically you are not giving the hareidim a choice in travel, holding them hostage to rules they find unsavory [i suppose if i were to stretch a point i would say that what separate seating is for us is regular seating for hareidim...] it is not for egged to dictate social mores. [remember this is not for all bus lines, just a few on the relevant ones.]
3. so to me the issue of segregated buses, rosa parks, etc. is largely moot. furthermore, the issue of segregation can be dealt with: have double decker buses, women on bottom -- after all, they are the ones who are pregnant, shlepping babies, carriages, packages, etc. and if a couple, or father-daughter team want to ride, this is a wrinkle, but let them ride on bottom. i have never, in all the years i have lived and traveled on jerusalem public transportation, experienced violence against such a setup.

Jeffrey Woolf said...

Hardly. Aside from an unofficial Op-Ed forum, I use my blog to blow off steam. Sort of what 'The Artist's Way' calls 'Morning Pages.' People like MJ Rosenberg and Gideon Levy, who are deeply afflicted with Judisches Selbst-Hass (to Levy's credit, at least he lives here), set me off.
However, in the interest of civilized discourse, I've altered the posting.