Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh Jerusalem!

The papers are all reporting the plan that Obama plans to advance. Basically, it requires the expulsion of 350,000 more Jews from their homes, creating a sovereign Palestinian State (which can militarize five minutes after it becomes independent), the acceptance of refugees in Israel (to a 'limited' extent), and the internationalization of the Old City under UN auspices.
I can already read the future columns by Aluf Benn, Gideon Levy, Gideon Samet, and their non-Israeli mimics, like Tom friedman (and some of the truly intellectually challenged). 'Who needs Jerusalem?' 'No one lives there.' 'Why should sticks and stones stand in the way of peace?' and (the real kicker) 'We can trust the United Nations.'
'The United Nations'(?). You mean the guys who made the Six Day War Possible? The guys who are letting Hizbullah rearm under their very eyes? The guys who helped kidnap Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, כרונם לברכה? the guys who are rolling their eyes at the slaughter in Darfur?


Anonymous said...

if this is true, it is just the opening gambit of a never ending back-and forth. there is nothing here we havent seen before. nor is there any way israel will, or can, agree to it.
i think that you are being too harsh on the un in that you attribute to the malicious intent. they are more ineffectual dreamers. [remember, they did alert and rid lebanon of some weapons...]

Jeffrey Woolf said...

I have to disagree. The UN, as far as Israel is concerned, is (at best) incompetent and (at worst) a front for our enemies (eg UNRWA, UNIFIL, UNSCOP, TIPH).