Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pope and I: My Interview on Reshet Bet

Twelfth Century Papal Bullum

Last Night I was interviewed on Israeli Radio about the Papal Visit. You can hear the interview by going to this address:

On the lower right hand side of the screen is a big letter ב in yellow. Click on the ב, and a new screen will appear. To the Left you will see a tab that says: משדרים מוקלטים. Scroll down and on the right hand side (as of 830AM IDT), is הנקודה היהודית. Click on the icon and I'm the first interview.

I welcome all comments and criticisms on both the presentation and the content.

Shabbat Shalom

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Anonymous said...

Nice job. What you say should be pashut, but is often forgotten in the passion of religious conflict. As you probably know, David Berger says very similar things.
You sound far less strident on the air/in person than you do on your blog...