Tuesday, January 17, 2006

O Jerusalem!

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies now strongly recommends that the historic and religious sites in Jerusalem be placed under international supervision. This, they claim, will be the best guarantee of free access and religious expression.

Let's see....International guarantees. Are they referring to the guarantees by Britain under the mandate to allow Jews access to their holy places and people were placed in prison for blowing the shofar or sitting on benches? Are they referring to the open access to holy places promised by Transjordan as part of the Rhodes Agreements of 1949?

What happens when the imams declare that the Kotel is part of the Al-Aqsa complex, and that it would be sacrilege for kafir to pray there?

When bombs go off in London to keep the Jews away, is anyone (including Jews) going to stand up for Jewish rights?

Does anyone really think that the lives of Jews in the Jewish Quarter will be tolerable under an international regime?

Piously, the authors admit that 'extreme groups on both sides may perceive international sovereignty on the Temple Mount a desecration, and may try to fight it.' Hello, reality check time. All of the Dar-al-Islam will fight it. When will Israelis stop negotiating with themselves and listen to the other side. This always has been a zero-sum game. It remains a zero-sum game.
Though I opposed the destruction of Gush Qatif, I admit that this is also Sharon's understanding.
Only now, the wishful thinking of the intellectuals will start being drummed into policy by their choir in the media.

God save us from the results.

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