Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Yet another rising star in the media, who is also religious, 'goes native.' It seems to be contagious. this week it's Sahra Blau, but the trend is all too ominous. All too often, when a religious person becomes coddled by the secularist elite, he/she tends to adopt the point of view of the elite.

I know what that's like, since I've had more than my share of moments being the intellectual's wunderkind, as in 'I can't understand how someone like you could be religious/settler/zionist!'For a long time, I laughed off such things out of the heady desire to be accepted and the belief that by 'not being like all the other religious/settler/zionist/neo-cons' I might open a line of dialogue and mutual respect. I still believe that this kind of dialogue is possible in all sorts of sectors of the American Jewish and Israeli Jewish populations. Among the self-appointed, omniscient intellectual elite, however, I see very little hope for success. People who sophisticate themselves to death cannot be dIssuaded from their deep and abiding intellectual narcissism.

Unfortunately, that narcissism is a drug. Clearly it's contagious and addictive. Haval.


Anonymous said...

Clever name to the article: Teisha ba-kikar said...

The president of your university is the leader of this pack.

Dror Eidar's article in this past weekend culture supplement is good reading. Until we internalize what he says, nothing will change. (Article is not on-line yet unfortunately) said...

when the officer says to Tevya that he tried arranging for Tevya's family to stay in Anatevka b/c of his intermarried daughter, Tevya says simply "my daughter is dead".

This is just a Israeli, domestic form of "intermarriage". Unfortunately, MO and/or RZ will now have to take steps in preventing this "intermarriage" from happening to our chidlren on a wide-scale. Some sort of new modus vivendi with teh army will have to be reached as it is clear that Hesder, Michinot and/or "dati-lite" generals has not helped.