Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Go Caroline!

Caroline Glick is one of the most perceptive political analysts writing in the Israeli Press today. Today she takes a look at the larger issues around Sharon's government and Netanyahu's resignation.

It's a tragedy that her analyses don't get published in Hebrew, and in places they might influence the broader public. OTOH, there is no daily outlet for neocons in Israel.


settler@zion.org said...

Caroline Glick has a weekly column in Makor Rishon - in Hebrew

Jeffrey said...

I know. I was careful to say 'places they might influence the broader public' like Maariv or Yedi'oty.

settler@zion.org said...

the circulation of Makor Rishon has widened. Certainly the "elites" have it on their radar screen at this point.

Unfortunately the website is lacking - and the web is the future of influential journalsim.