Sunday, August 07, 2005

Defiling the Land

i wish I had something cogent to say about the murder of innocent people by an ostensibly religious person on Thursday. I don't. I have nothing but revulsion at him and at those whose moral obtuseness bred him. The shedding of innocent blood defiles Eretz Yisrael and its inhabitants. Period.

May God forgive us.

(QED and Manuscript Boy, did have thoughtful things to say on the matter.)


Anonymous said...

At the risk of being looked at as a supporter of the act, which I am not, it is worth noting that the so called Israeli Arabs, living under the rule of law for some time chose to beat the purpetrator to death rather than hold him for the authorities.

It just reinforces their lack of understanding and acceptance of how a modern state works and the philosophical tenets that sustain it

iralaser said...

Thwere is a reasonable chance that this mixed-up weak, unstable fellow was used by the Shabak to advance its agenda. Just the way to convince the Druse in the Border Police that they SHOULD indeed expel Jews.

We don't know who the actual agent was (a la Champagnia), but it is entirely possible that this is another of the GSS's dirty tricks.