Monday, April 17, 2006

Die Settlers Sind Unser Ungluck

Kassam rockets (courtesy of the Palestinians) have been falling like rain all over the Negev and to the south of Ashdod (fired from the destroyed communities of Ale Sinai, Dugit and Nisanit). Yesterday, a rocket crashed into the Sports arena of Kibbutz Yad Mordekhai. The Radio reported today that the army sees no way to stop the terror from the skies, without reconquering the northern part of the Gaza strip. The populace within the range of the missiles has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court to force the government to protect them.

Does anyone pay attention? Not if you judge from the lack of reportage in the press or the statements of our feckless Acting Prime Minister (whose number was called by Ari Shavit the other day). He's busy destroying the economy in order to cobble together a coalition, while storming ahead with his brilliant plan to drive 70,000 more people from their homes, with no funds to resettle them, employ them or rehabilitate the. Why? It's because Die Juden (opps, I mean 'die settlers') sund unser umgluck. Let the rockets fall! They're only falling on Franks and Russians. They haven't reached Rishon or Tel Aviv, Herzliah Pituah or Haifa. Why worry. When the occupation is done and the settlers are no more, everything will go well (Here there is what to debate with Ari Shavit, though he's far from an extremist). How? It's a mystery.

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