Sunday, April 09, 2006

While you're taking out the Hametz...

1) Henry Siegman is a real phenomenon. He is a true the deep-seated willingness of the Arabs (and Muslims, generally) to make peace with Israel. Nothing they say, nothing in the Qur'an and its attendant literature will deter him from his Orthodox belief that Muslims will (given the right amount of candy) forego all of their religious ideals in order make peace. Erev Pesah, 5766 he strikes again. (I don't get it. The man is part of a think-tank. Don't they read? Don't they think? Maybe the think is subsidiary to the tank.)

2) Even Allison Kaplan Sommer, whose blog I visit regularly and generally enjoy reading, has produced Hametz for the bonfire. I don't understand how an Anglo, who knows that intermarriage is a cancer on the body politic of the Jewish people, can write like this.


Tzemach Atlas said...

Allison's blog is perverted lefty demagoguery. Annoying to the extreme. Worse than M. Shaviv.

Soccer Dad said...

Have you ever seen Siegman's CV? He has a bachelor's degree.

I'd have to say his most embarrassing article had to have been Being Hafiz al-Assad. Assad of course went to his grave without making peace with Israel rendering the article obsolete shortly after it was published.

This is a guy who holds a bachelors degree from the New School. It's hard to know exactly what his credentials are. (Apparently some Arabs are suspicious of him because he wears a Yamulke.)

That someone like this is considered an expert on anything is a tribute to the effectiveness of "the Lobby" isn't it?