Monday, April 03, 2006

Silver Lining

Contemplating the Israeli scene from 6,000 miles away, it hit me that there was a fundamental difference between this election and the past three.

There was, as far as I can see, no noticeable anti-Jewish/anti-semitic element to it (with the exception of the campaigns of the unlamented Shinui and Hetz paries, much of which were disqualified for pandering to hatred and racism). On the contrary, there are as many (if not more) religious and traditional MK's in the Knesset than ever before. More importantly, despite the best efforts of the media after Amona, it appears that the populace has settled on the idea that they are Jews. This is very significant, as it opens up the possibility of undertaking the strengthening of Jewish identity and awareness (never mind observance), in the country.

The ball, Ladies and Gentlemen, is now in the court of the educators (and, God help us, the rabbis). I hope they're up to it. I hope the enthusiasm generated by the YU convocation carries over into action.

A lot of lives and souls depend upon it.

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