Thursday, May 04, 2006


In its latest myopic act, the Chief Rabbinate has now disenfranchised much of the Modern Orthodox Rabbinate. According to the Jewish Week, it no longer recognizes conversions performed under the aegis (and with the approval) of the RCA's Beth Din.

Enough, rabbotai. It is time to pull out the stops, collect whatever means are required and rectify an already intolerable situation.

On second thought: If you combine that with the ongoing saga of the Ministry of Education and its refusal to recognize degrees granted by Yeshiva, one wonders if this is part of a trend. After all, the overwhelming majority of rabbis involved are musmakhim of RIETS.


Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on this?
Is RIETS semicha not recognized in Israel?
Is a YC college diploma worthless in Israel?

It just gets madder and madder.

Ben Bayit said...

THis has very little to do with Tendler. The rabbanut has bigger fish to fry right now. (The Jerusalem Beit Din isn't even allowed to hear the Tendler case anymore as per the recent Supreme Court Ruling banning "private" monetary lawsuits within the rabbanut's batei din).

This is about Avi Weiss' YCT trying to get accredited by the RCA, and YCT graduates going out into the hinterland for shtellers no one else wants and then performing conversions that might not meet some type of Orthodox standard.

Basil Herring's comment in the article you linked to is a shout at high volume. Even the leftists in the RCA are not going to allow egalitarian centrist orthodox Rabbis to go out to Peoria and start converting people.

IIRC the Yeshiva College diploma fiasco was straightened out already.

ADDeRabbi said...

this has nothing to do w/ yct, which is not a 'big fish'. it's an attempt by a group with influence in the rabbanut to delegitimize american modern orthodoxy. i documented it all in my post on the subject.