Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yellow Sash/Yellow Badge/Deja Vu

I really don't understand why everyone is so shocked by the 'rumor' that the Iranian government might force Jews to wear a yellow sash and Christians a red sash. That's the law, according to Amanat Umar, for all non-Muslims. That's what dhimmitude requires.

Why are so-called sophisticated, multi-cultural, Westerners always so taken by surprise when others live by their principles?

As for the invocation of Nazi Germany, may I remind these feckless pundits that the idea of the 'Jew-Badge' was adopted by Pope Innocent III at the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, from the Muslims!


Wanna Be Frum said...

I don't think the reaction is shock, as much as horror. it's not such a surprise - but it brings with it too many connotations which cannot be ignored. We can stick our heads in the sand, pretend this isn't happening, but if we don't protest, what's to keep this insane despot from recreating that which he dinies occurred?

Lisa said...

Well, it's true that Ahmadinejad is a freak. But the story of the yellow ribbons has been proven a hoax, thank goodness:

Jeffrey said...

I'm glad you broke the story that the whole thing was a hoax. That, however, was not my point. My point was that from a Muslim point of view there is absolutely nothing shocking, remarkable or mad about requiring dhimmi to wear distinctive dress. If we are flipped out by that, that's our problem-not theirs.

Wanna Be Frum said...

thank G-D this wasjust a hoax. for the record, it wasn't distinctive dress per se that was the problem, but yellow distinctive dress. The "yellow star" is not an obscure piece of trivia which nobody knows about. the idea of saying that Jews have to wear this yellow marking is what got people's ire up.

Lisa said...

Hi Jeffrey,

For more on dhimmitude, I found this post by Brian Ulrich, a PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin (Madison) in Middle Eastern history, to be very interesting and informative:

Brian will be at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a few months, BTW.