Sunday, June 18, 2006

I"m Blushing...

I just came upon this posting by Bava Dilbert who, I'm happy to say, has very nice things to say about the talks I gave during a Shabbat last February. Positive feedback is always welcome (though his comment about the 'Right Wing' is a bit strong for my taste).

BTW, I don't insist or prefer any specific title.

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dilbert said...

I meant what I wrote regarding your lectures. :-)

I tried to make an obvious distinction between what was said in the lectures and my response/thoughts about what was said. The comment about the "right wing' obviously represents my thoughts on the matter. I certainly respect your opinion on the matter. The point I was trying to make was that there are segments of our Jewish community who are not willing to take into account the historical/cultural milieu when looking at the conclusions of a psak halacha.

You may be amused to see that there were no comments on that particular post. Either no one saw it, or they were struck dumb by its power and content. :-)

kol tuv