Saturday, June 10, 2006

We Are Not Christians...

Across the various newspaper sites that greeted me was, essentially, the same headline: Dana Olmert, the Prime Minister's daughter, was part of a looney-left protest against the Army Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz. The immediate reason for the protest was the tragic death of seven civilians, including children, in the army's shelling of areas from which rockets are fired at Israel.
The death of civilians under such circumstances is a terrible thing. The army does everything it can to avoid it. Israeli lives are put on the line in the interest of reducing civilian casualties. (My nephew was wounded in Jenin for that reason during 'Homat Magen.')

Nevertheless, the only reason that these innocents died was because: a) The Hamas/Jihad and Fatah keep firing missiles at civilians in Israel. b) They do so with active civilian support, and do so from heavily populated areas.

What are we supposed to do? Turn the other cheek? Sorry, we're not Christians. We don't intend to die for the salvaion of mankind.

Which brings us back to Dana Olmert. She and her cohorts were out there screaming: 'Dismantle the army!" And '"Halutz is a killer, the intifada shall prevail." Where do they think they're living? If the intifada prevails, God forbid, what will she do then? Join her brother in the US? The drive for Jewish self-immolation is a truly inexplicable phenomenon.

More bothersome still is the fact that the PM keeps saying how he has adopted the thinking of his wife and children.

Allah Yerahmoo,.

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Ari Kinsberg said...

Shavu'ah tov,

I agree with you 100%. I was reminded of Homat Magen recently. For Shavuot I went to a Bnei Akiva camp in Pennsylvania. The Bet Midrash there had been rededicated in memory of Matanya Robinson, who was killed in Jenin. His father was my madrikh on Tirat Tzvi.