Monday, May 05, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

This morning the newspapers are carrying a story that Rav Amar (in his capacity as Chief Dayyan of the Rabbinic courts) rejects the total invalidation of the conversions effected under the aegis of R. Haim Druckman, and will revisit the specific case under consideration. [The report in today's Makor Rishon/HaZofe confirms everything I've written in my previous postings. As soon as it's on line, I'll link to it.]

Meanwhile, the Tzohar Rabbis are holding an emergency meeting this evening to discuss the implications of this latest controversy.

Judging from the number of visits that this site received, and the large number of requests for R. Sherman's Psaq Din, I hope that this blog made some contribution to ameliorating this miscarriage of Halakhah.

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