Monday, May 05, 2008


'He who teaches his neighbour's son Torah, Scripture considers it to as if he had sired him' (Sanhedrin 19b).

Not only children give one nachas, so do students.

Thus, it is with great pride that I announce that my student, Rabbi Dr. Matania Ben-Gedaliah, has been awarded the Jacob Katz Prize by the Leo Baeck Institute, for his ground-breaking doctoral dissertation 'The Sages of Speyer in the Generations After the First Crusade' (which I had the pleasure of directing). Dr. Ben-Gedaliah, in a scholarly tour de force, recreated the intellectual world, from which emerged both the German Pietists and the early German Tosafists. He also remapped the intellectual affiliations and traditions of the major scholars both before and after 1096. The implications of this research will recast many of the regnant assumptions about the origins and develoment of Franco-German Jewry in the Central and High Middle Ages.

Keep an eye out for forthcomong studies based upon his doctorate.

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summary of major findings?
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