Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nizkor et Kulam

Yom ha-Zikkaron is fading. The day is for what we call in Hebrew 'התייחדות,' identifying and feeling the price that we have paid for the right to live and pray, work and study in this, the Land that God Almight promised to Abraham, who tended his flocks on the hills among which I live.
Words fail on days such as this. Everyone here is related to, or knows intimately, someone who either fell or was wounded in defending our country. Every parent with children over 18, knows what it is not to sleep for three years and, after that, during their reserve duty. Many of us who were unable to serve in the army, know what it is to stand guard over the home front from terrorists, and had friends who fell in the line of duty.
We all know, intuitively, that Jews are called upon to live a sacrificial existence.
Please God, let our sacrifices from now on be spiritual.
תהי נשמותיהם צרורות בצרור החיים ויעמדו לגורלם לקץ הימים

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