Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Return of the Lemmings

It shouldn't, but it never ceases to amaze me. In a move of incredible, potentially deadly, cynicism Olmert is planning to hand over the Golan (together with 93% of Judea and Samaria) to the Arabs. Never mind that Syria doesn't really want a deal. Never mind that the Palestinians can't bring themselves to compromise on anything. Never mind that both the Alawite junta in Syria and the so-called 'moderate' Fatah Government of the PA will likely both fall to Jihadists. Never mind that Olmert is just trying to save his skin.

Despite all that, the papers are hailing the peace with Syria that hasn't even begun to be defined or worked on. By contrast, the increasingly solid and sordid tale of corruption that is closing in on Olmert is reduced to a secondary or tertiary place.

It's a drug this Peace fantasy, and the whole system of elites is addicted.

Drug addiction kills.

I guess they forgot.


Moshe said...

Isn't it wonderful living in Israel? We get new news every day! Not like living in the US, where the same old news (elections, high health care costs, illegal aliens, etc...) appear in the papers every day.

Think about it - this is like a real life soap opera, and you don't even have to pay to watch it!

I thik you should mention the truck bomb from Gaza this morning - that had a few tons of explosives in it, based on reports from Islamic Jihad.

How wonderful it is to live in the State of Israel!

Ben Bayit said...

I can already tell you which rabbis will say that we have to approach this "rationally" and not as "irrational messianists" and which ones will say that "even if the plan was 'born in sin', if it's a good plan that can have good results we have to follow the government's decision"

Anonymous said...

ben bayit:
You can tell us, and you'll probably be wrong.