Monday, October 13, 2008

Akko and Livni: You can Run but You Can't Hide

I really tried. I gave it my best shot. I made a real attempt to enjoy the Hagim, without getting depressed by the world around me (about which there is precious little I can do anyway). I can't fix the economy. If I vote in the US Presidential election, my vote will be of symbolic value only (since Obama has New York sewn up).

The Israeli March of Folly is even more frustrating.

1) The forces of criminal hubris, ideological self-destruction and self-hatred keep gaining in strength. A new sinister government (Lat. 'Left') led by 'Ba'alat Teshuva' Livni is on its way to power, a government that will be based on Jewish concessions to the Moloch of 'Peace' (aka Islam and Jihad). The press will cheer it on, as will the Europeans and the (no longer so) monied elites.

2) A few weeks ago, a nine year old kid in Yitzhar alerted the town that a terrorist had penetrated the fence and was about to go on a rampage. He, himself, was stabbed nine times but survived. For his courage he was cited for bravery by the Army. The award was bitterly condemned by Peace Now and the media. After all, he's a settler, a Jew, an obstaccle to peace.

3) The facts behind the Akko riots, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, are:

As not all readers are familiar with the time line or sequence of events, the Jerusalem Post has an editorial which details the events of the past few days.Some points that were clarified are as follows (thanks to Jameel):

1. Up to 2000 Arabs streamed into the Jewish section of the town during Yom Kippur (not 500 as originally thought). That's nearly 15% of the local Arab population that was rioting.

2. Another Arab (apparently not in the car) is the one who called up the local sheikh, who then broadcasted over the mosque's loudspeaker that the Jews were attacking, calling out the Arabs to attack the Jews. (And screaming Itbah al-Yahud!)

3. The police claim that the Arab driver was drunk.

4. The Arab riots only ended on Thursday morning.

5. The Jews only began to riot back on Thursday evening after the fast.

Only George Orwell could do justice to the way this is being presented.

The Hebrew press is banging away at the idea that there was a misunderstanding and that hot headed Jews ganged up on a poor law-abiding Arab. That evil idiot, Gideon Levy, even suggested that Jewish Racism requires Arabs to observe Yom Kippur (since the riots were started by an Arab driver. Of course, you know what happens if a Jew even drives through Ramallah...never mind during Ramadan.)

The Arabs are trying to kill Jews, and are receiving open support (in money, man power and materiale) from Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. Who do the Police and the government blame?
The Jews.

The Arabs destroyed Jewish property. The Arabs destroyed Jewish stores. What's the response? An organized trip to Akko to show support for the Arabs and patronize their businesses.

OK. That's enough. I'm putting down the paper....I need to detox before the Hag.

אבינו מלכנו אין לנו מלך אלא אתה.

אין הברכה מצויה אלא בדבר הסמוי מן העין.

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