Monday, October 06, 2008

Heshbon Nefesh, Hakhel and Srugim: A Request

I have just been informed that 'Yes' has been gracious enough to allow me to screen a few key scenes from Srugim as part of my shiur at this year's Hakhel, sponsored by Maaleh. I'm really thrilled, because there is such a large audience that is familiar with the series and it raises a lot of important issues. (In addition, since I'm scheduled to speak at 230AM, film clips will be a better way to focus attention that just texts- though I'll have those too.)

Now for my request.

I have some ideas as to which scenes to request. For example, Betzalel's refusal to use Stacey's Tefillin; the שיחת נפש between Shvut and Hodaya about God; Hodaya's trip to the miqveh and Avry's reaction; Reut's attitude toward Yohai, both before and after he goes to work for his uncle; the Rav's psak to Naama and Amir (which, btw, I think was incorrect).

However, before I give Yes my answer, I'd welcome any suggestions as to scenes that you think most evocative and suggestive. You can leave your comments here or write to me at


ssecunda said...

what's the topic of the shiur

Nachum said...

3:30 AM? Oy.