Thursday, October 02, 2008

Srugim- Lessons for Torah in Our Time

No, I haven't been hiding. No, I haven't abandoned my blog. I've just been busy. I'm in a real writing swing. Chapter One is done. Chapters Two and Four are nearing completion (and the book is becoming a reality). Then there are the Hagim, 'nuff said.

Well, perhaps not. I've also spent my leisure time catching up on Srugim (yes, I'm an addict. I sign off on everything the Mukata has to say about it, and more.) It's well acted, sensitive, amazingly accurate and very engaging. It's respectful of religious people and their struggles. In its honesty it does Judaism a favor (as opposed to the croakings of certain circles.) In fact, if things work out, I hope to use clips from the show as texts for my shiur at Maaleh's Hakhel on Leyl Hoshana Rabbah. I hope to indicate how the show lies at the interface between Torah and the world. and frankly exposes the superficially procrustean image we have of ourselves and of others.

Much of this is already implied in the theme song, written by Erez Lev Ari.

The words are as follows and (again, kudos to Lurker) are food for thought in these days of Heshbon ha-Nefesh:
אני רודף אחר חוקיך, מחדמאידך תשוקתי אותי רודפתבוש ונכלם אבוא בשעריךוהלילות הארוכים והבדידות ושניםוהלב הזה שלא ידע מרגועעד שישקוט הים, עד שינוסו הצללים
לאן אלך, אנה אפנה, כשעיניך מביטות ביאיכה אברח, איך לא אפנהבין אמת לאמתבין הלכה למעשהבין הימים ההם לזמן הזהבין הנסתר לנגלהבין העולם הבא לעולם הזה

רודף אחר חוקיך, מאידך תשוקתי אותי שורפתעזה כמוות, איומה כנדגלותהלילות הארוכים והבדידות והשניםוהלב הזה שלא ידע מרגועעד שישקוט הים, עד שינוסו הצלליםהשיבני
לאן אלך, אנה אפנה


Anonymous said...

This show is a wonderful show as far as Israeli television goes (is that saying much??) and perhaps has its educational uses in some settings. But on the whole it is terrible chinuch for religious teenagers and young adults. Any parents who value themselves as role models for their children and whish to see their children establish families of their own should do everything possible to keep their teenage children from watching this show. Or at least be there to explain things to them when they watch.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

B'Sheva trashed the show this past Shabbat.

Will be posting about that as well :)

Thanks for all the links (but we DO love the show!!)

Gmar Chatima Tova!

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Haven't seen the show. But the video clip is truly an anthem for all who truly struggle and are truthful about their struggle.

Worthy. Kol hakavod.