Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back in the Saddle...

Those of you who have been so kind as to notice my extended absence, and inquire after my well-being can be reassured. I am, Barukh HaShem, fine (as are the other members of the family). My lack of posting is a combination of practical and existential factors.

Practically, I’ve been incredibly busy with good things. First, I finally received tenure here and, at the same time, pushed hard to finish my book to be published here, which will allow me to start a promotion procedure for Associate Professor. Second, and no less exciting, is my new position as Senior Staff Editor, here. In addition, my better half finished her training as an Art Therapist, here. Son #1 finished his BA, here and the next day (literally) was accepted to a Masters Program in Contemporary Jewry. Son #2 came back from his צו 8 and is back learning here. Daughter #1 finished National Service here and is learning full time, here. Daughter #2 is learning in the best Girl’s Art Yeshiva in the world, here. Daughter #3 is 8 going on 40 (and in 3rd grade here).

Existentially, events have moved too swiftly to absorb, much less post about (though I intend to discuss a few over the next few days). My feelings about the state of Israel are eloquently put by Ari Shavit and Naomi Ragen (I’ll post her’s later).

Meanwhile, though, I want to focus on the good stuff. This week is my birthday. וד' בירך אותי בכל. (You figure it out).


Gil Student said...

What is your book about?

daat y said...

52 years young.Happy birthday.Lots of nachas.