Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Peace Now Redux

The ever vigilent Yisrael Medad has provided a reasoned response to the Peace Now claims about the alleged theft of Arab Land. Not surprisingly, Seymour Reich of IPF (who hasn't met a Jewish organization of which he wouldn't like to be President) and the ever, intellectually-challenged MJ Rosenberg (who never met a Palestinian he didn't like, or a religious/settler he didn't loathe) are up in arms.

The whole story reminds me of the land grab the Bethlehem Arabs tried to pull a couple of years ago (and got away with, partially). The started woking JNF land in Gush Etzion and claimed it had been sold to them. They even had Civil Administration documents to prove it. The problemwas that the certifying officer had died before the date on the deeds. In addition, it turns out that the date on the deeds was....Yom Kippur.

Nevertheless, those olive trees that the Arabs had succeeded in planting, stayed.

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