Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What can One Say?

I know they don't read my blog. They probably don't read any blogs. Hell, they probably don't read books that are not approved by the Ministry of Truth. Nevertheless, in light of yesterday's posting, today's event are unsettling, to say the least.

1. The Supreme Court voted overwhelmingly to recognize same-sex marriages (with Justice Elyakim Rubenstein, representing the sad minority of one). It brings to mind the R. Yitzhak Arama's observation, as mediated in the Introduction to the Shev Shematsa, that what made Sodom more despicable than the Benjaminites (Cf. Jud. 19-21), was the fact that they were not simply sinners, they institutionalized, and thereby sought to 'regularize,' rank immorality.

2. With rockets raining down on Sederot, with Hizbullah preparing for the next war and Iran, well, you know....Shalom Achshav could find no better time to claim that 40% (down from 90%) of the towns in Judaea and Samaria are built on privately owned Palestinian lands. These messianic hallucinators, led by head fantasiast Yariv Oppenheimer, are more concerned with destroying other Jews than with defeating their enemies.
First, much of the documentation upon which they base their findings is either faulty or forged. How do I know?I know because the city of Ma'aleh Adumim is on their list and I know for a fact that before 1948, my late uncle, Captain Yehiel Langer purchased the area with a group of investors. The investment was lost when Jordan conquered the area (yes, Arabs conquer. Imagine!). So the last legal owner was definitely a Jew.
Second, how short-sighted can these guys be? Do they really want to open this can of worms? Are they ready to hand all land that was taken by eminent domain over the past 60 years? Are they ready to hand over the Knesset, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Israel Museum, all of Ashdod and who knows what else?
On the other hand, are they willing champion Jewish title to Hader (JNF), Naharayim (Privately owned), Dahaishe (JNF), the Syrian Side of the Golan (Rothschild Family), the Hebron Market (owners slaughtered in 1929), Abu Dis (Sephardic Kollel Klali), Silwan (Yemenite Owners from before 1929), and the list keeps going?
One thing I know. Yariv Oppenheimer (is he related to Mr. Michael Oppenheimer from Z100?) is continuing a long tradition. In May, 1948 Judah Magnes, the president of Hebrew University, went to Washington in order to block the declaration of the State of Israel and/or to prevent American recognition thereof. More recently, R. Y. D. Weiss joined with Iranian President Ahmedinejad to advance the cause of Israel's disappearance.

Ironically, all this just leaves me bemused. It's so outrageous that you can't really get angry.

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Ben Bayit said...

Good post. One correction - th eknesset sits on Greek Orthodox Church lands - not absentee landlord or land that was nationalized. It is suspected that this was the parcel that the incoming Patriach Ireneos promised to Arafat, and is what (amongst other things) held up Israel's approval of him.. Ironically he was then removed by the church for selling land near Jafa Gate to a Jewish group