Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cyber-War: The Muslim Onslaught on...Yeshiva University?

Canonist, whose site has had serious trouble itself, reports that anti-Israel hackers have attacked and destroyed YU's website. How do I know? Because this is where it sends you. [I actually tried to access the site before I read Steve Weiss' report. The site was down but I just assumed that they were doing maintenance.]

The truth is that, aside from the extensive blogging, the cyberwar between us and the rest of the world is very heavy. We are constantly under a barrage of viruses and worms. (My anti-virus gets updated at least twice a day.) I wonder if it affects the outcome on the ground (assuming that the IDF computers don't get affected).

UPDATE: I guess it does have an effect. Check this out.


he who is known as sefton said...

. . . Wood'ja (?) buih-leave! . . .

I almost feel sorry for the fools, bent on destroying Israel. If only they knew what they're going up against. In the post titled ". . . more 'italian' than you realize . . .", I expound on the chief reason for that emotional "near miss".

Anyway, the text for the hyperlink to that post is just below . . .

If this comment intrigues you, consider bringing up that page.


Rael Levinsohn said... has also been hacked hehehe
It sends you here