Monday, August 21, 2006

It Begins (בס"ד)

When I was an undergraduate, one of my professors presented a graphic definition of a revolution. He offered that society should be envisioned as a sphere, held in place by halyards that we call values. A revolution occurs when the values supporting a society in place break down and society (quite literally) revolves. The result is that the elites are replaced by their counterparts, who have been hitherto, on the bottom.

I don't know if a revolution is underway in Israel. If so, it's a pretty unique one. If the corrupt, self-indulgent elites fall it will not be because their values are rejected. It will be because their post-modern, supercilious, fun-loving world has no values (except self-indulgence, moral relativism and the rights of the Arabs to destroy the Jewish State). It will because in their narcissism, they have abandoned 99% of the country (literally and figuratively)

The societal sphere may be moving because the people want their original values back. They want their country back. They want their national identity back. They want their history back. They want to live in a Jewish State. Most (if not all) want, dare I say it, their God back. They are willing to fight, and if required, to die to save their people and land. [Olmert's children don't want that. His sons are draft dodgers. His daughter has publically called for the dismantling of the army. There are many, many like them among the descendants of the founding fathers and mothers.]

Consider the protest begun by reserve soldiers, now camped out in the Rose Garden opposited the Prime Minister's office. The reserves have been much maligned in the press. The elites dodge reserve duty. The Herzliyah high-tech firms and the big shopping firms and the catels have been known to fire people for serving (as they fire, or don't hire, Sabbath observers). Nevertheless, the kibbutznikim and the settlers, the people from Sederot and Qiryat Shemonah do serve. There was between 90-110% response to the call up last month. They believe in this country and in its right to live.

What are they demanding? They want to fight and defeat Israel's enemies. They want to protect their homes. They don't want appeasement. They want food when they fight. They want decent equipment, with which to fight. They want the bomb shelters to be fitted so as to protect the populace. Most of all, they want leaders who believe in our country and not in polls. They want leaders who, as Ben Gurion said, care more about what the Jews do than what the Goyim say.
They want to consign Olmert, Peretz, Livni, Halutz, Ramon, HaNegbi, Bar On and thes rest of the losers to the trash bin of Israeli history.

When did you ever see an anti-government protest by discharged soldiers who want to fight?
Only in Israel, where the people are stronger and saner than their putative leaders.

While writing this, I recalled the following verses from the Book of Judges (2, 11-16):
And the children of Israel did that which was evil in the sight of God, and served the Baalim.... And God's anger was kindled against Israel, and He delivered them into the hands of spoilers that despoiled them, and He gave them over into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies...And God raised up judges, who saved them out of the hand of those that spoiled them.

It would appear that the first part has been fulfilled. Please God, the second will soon come to pass, as well.

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Ben Bayit said...

I agree with what you are writing. Over 80% of the Jews DO want a Jewish State.

However, the power centers of the country are ENTIRELY controlled by the other 20% - the ruling elites of the regime. As long as the 80% are not willing to undertake some form of non-violent civil disobedience - including disobeying orders in the army - nothing will change. The rabbis who suggest that disobeying orders will lead to anarchy - or possibly weaken the IDF - are being led by the nose by these ruling elites. They think they are "helping" (Uncle Tom) or that only by "achdut" can the state survive. In reality they are prolonging the problems and entrenching them even deeper.

It's that simple - as long as these people are "stuck" on Socrates and Aquinas, we are doomed. If they start reading Thoreau (except for his pacifism of course - there is no room for pacifists in the middle east) then the State has a chance of surviving.