Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Yael

I don't know Yael Keynan personally. Like hundreds (thousands?) of others, I feel that I do. For over two years, this self-described atypical olah has documented her Aliyah preparations and realization. She landed in the middle of a very tumultuous period, and has had her basic ideas put to the test. Still, not once has she mentioned the idea of going back. On the contrary, her resolve is incredible and inspires admiration.

This week she marked her first year here (or does it seem longer). The New Nefesh b'Nefesh olim could take a cue from her. Rarely has anyone done so much qlitah in so little time.

Kol haKavod!

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Yael K said...

Wow thank you!! You know, since well before I made aliya I was reading your blog and considered then, as now, you and your blog a source of inspiration for myself. I'm sending a Kol haKavod right back at ya! :)