Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Haaretz Still Wants to Have Fun

My friend and neighbor, Baruch Schwartz, posted this to our local chat list.

A Haaretz commentator interviewed on Reshet Bet a few minutes ago was asked how he feels this morning, and the first sentence was "sad about missing out on what should have been our first happy summer in 6 years" (in other words: the intifada started because, even though we withdrew from Lebanon, we still were in Gaza. Now that we finally left Gaza, we should have had a nice, happy, carefree summer). "Too bad," the wise man continued, "We messed it up by going to war over a minor provocation." (translation: We should know not to hit back when they strike us; it only messes up the mood and disrupts our fiddling while Israel burns. Life is a Cabaret.) If that's the thinking in the editorial room at Haaretz, it will be the thinking on all the news channels in a few hours, and among all the Israeli public opinion shapers within a day, and in the cabinet and Knesset by nightfall tomorrow, and in the newsrooms of the Times and the Post by Thursday, and in the State Department by Friday.

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