Monday, August 14, 2006

GGMS (=God Give Me Strength)

Well, we're in the intermezzo. Olmert has delivered his apologia pro vita sua (in advance of the investigation). Netanyahu looks like a real Prime Minister. The Palestinians are as barbaric as ever (though, as Yael pointed out, no one bothers to report on that). Noone doubts that the next round will be very soon. In the interim, some hopeful points selected from a David Bedein e-mail. ( I only cite the ones I agree with.)

1. Peace Now had the chance to run Israel's security system and showed, once and for all, what would happen under their rule, while the "social justice" lobby of the Labor Party had their chance to assume power and showe that they would not even take care of the social welfare ministry, leaving it with no minister and leaving Israel with no social policy, with thousands of people left to suffer..Bye Bye Peace Now and Labor Zionist Socialists.

2. On the other hand., if a Bibi or an Effie Eitam were PM, "Peace Now" would have brought 400,000 to Kikar Rabin to demonstrate after Kfar Kana and destroyed any national unity..

3. Am Yisrael is en route to being united, albeit by a new Haman, yet united.

4. Red Haifa is less pink. And bombed Kibbutzim in the north and in the Negev will be less likely to dispatch people to peace rallies in the future.

5. The permanent schism between the Zionist and anti-Zionist left is now evident....

6. The Israeli Arab leadership and the PA leadership have showed their total support for the genocidal policies of Hizbullah/Iran against the State of Israel...

7. The dire consequences of Israel's unilateral surrender policy are being felt by at least half of the Israeli population. Any government that would dare suggest any such policy now will have to cope with a seething population who will not tolerate any such suggestion.

8. Wait for the ultimate investigation commissions to be empowered and convened. It will dwarf the post- Yom Kippur War Investigation commission. Who gave the order for the IDF to run out of Lebanon on May 20th and leave their best equipment for the Hizbullah? Who covered up the warnings of the 12,000 missiles in place? Who gave orders not to prepare the shelters?

9. Aliya of thousands of Jews continues during this time.

10. In IDF units and in many places in Eretz Israel, people who had never prayed to God are now calling out to the Almighty for sustenance. It's beginning to look alot like Elul, everywhere you go...

I would add that the Jewish People acquitted themselves with galantry, courage, determination and faith. לחיי העם הזה וכמה טוב שהוא כזה.

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