Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Did I Expect Otherwise? Why Do I Bother?

There was a time that I sort of knew Haaretz columnist, Gidon Samet. We were both regular participants in a Religious-Secular Study Group, known as Shaharit. I recall being pleasantly surprised by his apparent openness and prima facie affinity for Jewish culture and history. Thus, I really would have expected to see him undertake the type of deep-seated re-evaluation of his positions, in the light of a changed reality, that was true of Ari Shavit (and, on the other side, many people on the Right, as well).

I was wrong. Samet is just another third-rate thinker and true believer who would never let the evidence get in the way of his prexistent mind-set. In his list of post-war lessons, Samet displays his abyss-like (or ostrich-like) ignorance.

A few examples:

1) Never before, even after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, did it become clear to what extent the era of relying on the army as the perfect fix to stabilizing national security must come to an end.- This man has no understandingof the way the Arab world works. Lewis, Pryce-Jones, Pipes et all ALL agree that in the miltarist/macho world of the Arabs, it is davka military victory which leaves an impression. It doesn't bring lasting peace because You can only have Salaam with Muslims. You can't have Salaam with kafir.

2) The new era needs to instill the realization that only real negotiations with the Palestinians, and not any hapless General Staff, can ever deal with the conflict, be it even an interim agreement.- Same problem. There are very few secular Palestinians and no secular Palestinian culture (unless you don't know the difference between values and some trappings of consumer culture.)

6)...An Israeli majority in the new era will want something entirely different: a society that is for the most part secular and pursues a good life without remorse, yet with empathy for the needy and loathes corruption; a modern society that looks forward to an agreement with the Palestinians instead of toward exclusive reliance on its military muscle.- Hate to disappoint him, but what the country wants is a Jewish country that pursues a good, fun and moral life. Empathy is a non-Jewish concept. Our country must be based upon Tzedek and Tzedakah.

Why do I bother reading this drivel? Why do I keep hoping that they changed down on Shocken Street?

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daat y said...

It is personal and understandable.He let you down.When people like Samet are in denial,NO logic will ever work.